By Rich Winter

      USA hurdler Dawn Harper-Nelson had a 30th birthday on May 13th and while she's moved into the experienced decade, she shows no signs of slowing down.

      Couple of weeks ago, Harper-Nelson won a national title in the `100 hurdles when she turned back Queen Harrison and Lolo Jones.

1 Dawn Harper-Nelson Nike 12.55 
2 Queen Harrison Unattached 12.56    
3 Lolo Jones Asics 12.65    

      Then, last weekend, Harper-Nelson uncorked a world leading 12.44 to win the Diamond League race in Paris, again turning back Harrison and Jones.


2 HARRISON Queen USA 12.46

3 JONES Lolo USA 12.68

4 BILLAUD Cindy FRA 12.71

5 PORTER Tiffany GBR 12.72
6 PEARSON Sally AUS 12.89
7 CASTLIN Kristi USA 12.96

8 HILDEBRAND Nadine GER 13.00
     That world leading 12.44 is closing in on Breanna Rollins American Record of 12.26 and of course the world record (12.21 Yordanka Donkova) is not that far away.

     For the 2014 season that is a non Olympic, non World Championship year, Harper-Nelson stands to make some nice change if she continues on her 100 hurdles tear.

     She is currently in first place in those Diamond League results for the hurdles with Harrison 2nd and Jones 4th.