By Rich Winter

      While most casual track fans think of the University of Oregon as the mecca of distance running, how well the Ducks do at the NCAA track championships this week depends largely on sprinter and long jumper Jenna Prandini.

     Prandini has the fastest collegiate time in the nation this year - 11.11 (A)

    Her 22.73 (A) in the 200 meters is fourth fastest in the nation.

    She anchors the Oregon 4x100 team that has the 2nd fastest time in the nation, 43.31

    And if that's not enough, Prandini has the top collegiate long jump in the nation, 6.51 meters.

     Clearly, how she performs will have a drastic effect on how the Ducks finish as a team. 

     And she's only a sophomore....Can anyone say Duck Dynasty?