By Rich Winter

      If you're lucky enough to be attending the USA Track an Field Championships this week, make sure you stop on in and watch the shot put, just don't stand anywhere in the range of 75 feet.

      Shot put has always been a good event for the United States, but this year looks exceptionally promising with seven guys over 70 feet. 

22.23i 72-11¼ Ryan Whiting (Nik) USATF Ind 02/23
21.85 71-8¼ Christian Cantwell (unat) Kingston IWC 05/03
21.64 71-0 Reese Hoffa (Nik) Eugene DL 05/30
21.52 70-7¼ Joe Kovacs (Nik) Shanghai DL 05/18
21.50i 70-6½ Kurt Roberts (Nik) USATF Ind 02/23
21.39 70-2¼ *Ryan Crouser (Tx) Big 12 Ch 05/17
21.37 70-1½ Jordan Clarke (Nik) Coeur d’Alene 06/14

     Ryan Whiting leads the list with a huge toss of 72-11.25". That mark was set indors on Feb. 23 and Whiting hasn't sniffed that mark in a while, still though, when you pop one out to 73 feet, you are closing in on top-ten all time.

      Gotta think Christian Cantwell will be right there. He's popped one out to 71'8" in early May and he's always a big meet competitor.

    Reese Hoffa hit 71 feet on May 30.

    Texas junior, Ryan Crouser topped 70 feet earlier this season and h's coming off an NCAA title in his specialty. He's had an awfully long season though, so I expect him to place high but I do expect him to place if he's competing. 

     Jordan Clarke topped the 70-foot mark on June 14 and if he's throwing well, he certainly could be in the mix.

    I don't think the general public has any idea just how impossible it seems to throw a 16 lb. ball over 70 feet. While some think of the shot as a fat guy's event, the shot putters, although big, have some fast twitch muscles that allow them to apply perfect technique to impossible strength.

    Check it out, you will be impressed.